History of SicommNet

  SicommNet was co-founded in March, 1998 by James Beran to develop on-line e-procurement systems to automate the buying and selling process for government agencies and for the millions of vendors who supply these agencies. By the end of the first four years, SicommNet had completed BaSEC, the on-line agency system, with installations in Texas, Maine, Idaho, and several local government agencies. Nearly 32,000 vendors are now registered in the vendor database.
  In 2002 SicommNet launched it's second product, the MarketPlace, which has a first year license fee of $320 and is aimed at small and medium sized businesses. New customers can join the MarketPlace online  by navigating to the New User Registration page.

To learn more about BaSEC and the MarketPlace,visit the Solutions page .

SicommNet's W9 available for our client's download: SicommNet_W9_2013.pdf.