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Press Release

December 12, 2003

Scott McClendon elected to SicommNet Board of Directors.

   San Diego, CA - December 12, 2003 – SicommNet today announced that Mr. Scott McClendon has been elected to SicommNet's Board of Directors. Mr. McClendon served as President and CEO of Overland Data, Inc., for nearly 10 years. During his tenure, the company's revenues grew from $7 million in 1991 to $163 million in 2002. Overland Data, Inc. is a global supplier of innovative data storage and storage automation solutions for computer networks. McClendon retired as President and CEO and was named Chairman of the Board. Prior thereto, he was employed by Hewlett-Packard, for over 32 years in various positions in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and last served as the General Manager of the San Diego Technical Graphics Division as well as the Site Manager of Hewlett-Packard in San Diego, California. Mr. McClendon holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

  "Scott's experience in executive management and sales and marketing will be invaluable as SicommNet moves to profitability and expands into new and existing markets,” said Michael T. Elliott, Chairman of SicommNet.

   SicommNet was founded in San Diego in 1998 to provide e-commerce solutions for public agencies, business enterprises, and the millions of small and medium sized businesses searching for a way to use the web as a business tool. SicommNet's e-procurement system, which runs on the Internet, is used by the states of, Idaho and Maine, as well as several other public agencies.