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Press Release

August, 2005

SicommNet joins the 60th National NIGP Conference.

   Anaheim, CA - August 25, 2005 – SicommNet and its wholly owned subsidiary, iNetPurchasing Inc. joined, over 1200 decision makers and stakeholders in the public procurement arena gather at the 60th annual National Institute of Government Purchasing forum In Anaheim California.

Public purchasers annually account for approximately 23% of the Gross National Product! They fulfill the needs of state and federal governments, county and provincial governments, transportation authorities, public utilities, town and village governments, special recreation districts and special authorities.
SicommNet discussed the e-procurement solution with several hundred public procurement professionals and attended numerous training sessions on the current needs and future directions of public sector purchasing.

According to a post-Forum survey, the overall ratings for the 2005 Annual Forum and Products Exposition scored in the low 90th percentile.

The SicommNet team took advantage of engaging with the key decision makers. The response from potential future customers was very encouraging!