The MarketPlace Corporate Diversity Outreach Solutions


By utilizing SicommNet’s MarketPlace and Diversity Outreach solution, you can achieve your company’s goals of reaching and adding minority, women, veteran and disabled veteran-owned and disadvantaged businesses to your vendor base while reducing your diversity vendor outreach costs.

   Many companies today have clearly articulated corporate vendor diversity goals and have embraced the need to enhance their business with a more diverse vendor pool. SicommNet’s Diversity Outreach solution can help your business do this.

   As a Corporate Diversity Vendor Outreach Manager or buyer, your company has committed to the goal of enhancing economic opportunities for and has developed targets to increase the representation of qualified Minority Business Enterprise, Woman-owned business Enterprise, Veteran-owned Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged businesses. With this in mind, you can utilize SicommNet’s Diversity Outreach solution to both find and receive bids from a large population of diversity vendors. In addition this solution will track your “Best effort” performance, including the number of diversity vendors who were sent opportunities, the number who returned bids and the number who received purchase awards.

   Engaging the SicommNet Diversity Outreach solution will allow your business to:

Streamline your outreach and 'best effort' reporting;
Provide minority, women and veteran-owned businesses with the maximum opportunity to participate in your business’ procurement process;
Promote the growth and development of minority, women and veteran-owned enterprises as your partners in business success;
“Level the procurement playing field” and give minority-owned firms an opportunity to compete with established companies;
Diversify your company’s supplier base, as a core component of a prudent business plan;
Lower your diversity outreach costs.

   While some customization may be required to meet your needs, request a call below to see how affordable SicommNet’s Diversity Outreach solution can be, and harness the power of the large and diverse vendor pool within the MarketPlace to meet your corporate vendor diversity goals. Thus, the MarketPlace will enable you to reduce your diversity vendor outreach costs and improve your achievement of diversity vendor purchase award performance. In addition you save both time and money with automatic reporting of your diversity vendor outreach results.

   Have one of SicommNet’s representatives contact you to learn more about how you can leverage the benefits of eCommerce today, using the SicommNet’s Diversity Outreach solution, without making any additional investments in technology!