The MarketPlace Prompt Payment Service


By accessing SicommNet’s Prompt Payment Service, you may be able to obtain funds in advance of the current payment schedule for your existing contract with a public agency, and help solve your company’s cash-flow problems, today!

  While public agencies tend to be excellent customers, many businesses find the cash-flow requirements necessary to successfully perform on public agency contracts do not always align with the payments from the agency. SicommNet understands the challenges that companies sometimes experience in receiving prompt payment from their agency customers. Because of this, SicommNet has made arrangements with a few select leading financial institutions wishing to provide a prompt payment service to vendors who have won awards from public agencies.

  If you have won a public agency contract, and your cash-flow requirements necessitate obtaining funds in advance of the current payment schedule, please click below to request a prompt payment service application, and begin to solve your firm’s cash-flow challenges, and become a better supplier to your customers.