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By receiving and responding to Public Agency buyers’ targeted requests for your products/services via SicommNet’s MarketPlace, you will reduce your sales costs while improving your public sector sales efficiency and effectivenss, and grow your business!

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  If your company supplies products or services to Public Agencies, then SicommNet's MarketPlace is the right tool for you. The MarketPlace is a powerful tool that will substantially increase the number of targeted requests for bids and proposals you receive from Public Agencies across the country. In addition you can use the MarketPlace to significantly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in responding to these Public Agency requests for bids and proposals. As a vendor/supplier to Public Agencies, see how some of the key features of the MarketPlace can benefit you:

Reduce your time and effort required to submit bids and proposals more than over 90%;
Receive automatic notifications via email whenever a Public Agency requests, or makes a change in a previously sent request for a bid or proposal for, the products or services your company provides;
Utilize the ability to easily submit multiple bids when more than one of your products satisfies bid specifications;
Easily provide additional information on bids when doing so helps clarify your bid or proposal;
Attach photos, graphics or descriptive materials to your bids, thus communicating greater value to the buying agency;
Significantly reduce errors by uploading your existing documents and/or using online editing;
By instantly submitting your bids, on time, you are ensured to meet your deadline.

   Your company can receive all of the extensive and sophisticated capabilities the MarketPlace has to offer, and yet experience how simple and easy it is to use. Soon, virtually all Public Agency purchasing will be conducted via the Internet SicommNet's MarketPlace will enable you to leverage the benefits of eCommerce and reach these public sector buyers effectively and efficiently.

   If you want to see how many new opportunities for business with Public Sector buyers you can bring into your business funnel with the MarketPlace, click the link below, or register now to begin reaping the benefits the MarketPlace has to offer you!