The iCatalog Purchasing Engine Overview


By fusing the SicommNet iCatalog System into your purchasing process, your state or local municipal agency will be able to significantly reduce costs and increase speed and security while strictly maintaining and adhering to rigorous procurement requirements.

   The iCatalog is a modular system based on many, proven e-commerce practices and methodologies, all incorporating the fundamental tenets of flexibility, easy customization, speedy implementation, scalability and most important, security. Unlike many other solutions offered today, the iCatalog was designed and built specifically for the government purchasing processes.

   The system incorporates high-level customizations for the specific nuances and requirements of government procurement such as multi-level workflow approvals, pre-encumbrance of funds and line item cost accountability.This simple to use Internet based portal reduces costs by eliminating the purchases of seat licenses, facilitates information flow and therefore customer knowledge and readiness, and it’s modular architecture virtually eliminates the downtime usually associated with system upgrades.

   The iCatalog accommodates a limitless number of accounts, users, customers and a practically limitless dollar throughput. It is designed around a security core of challenge-password logons, individual access rights, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and 32-bit encryption ensuring maximum system and data security. Best of all, the iCatalog is accessible to all authorized individuals via capable Internet browsers on such receiving devices as desktop and laptop computers, PDAs, pocket PCs and cell phones.

   iCatalog functionality includes:

On-Line Authorized User Registration;
Email notification to each individual requiring a process action and Full Workflow Approval Levels
A web based, “Amazon.Com” like shopping cart user interface;
Access to an item Knowledgebase for identification of available products and product information (text, image, drawing, specs, MSDS, etc.) and pricing;
Finance (pre-encumbrance, encumbered) review and required approval with current checkbook balance;
Email order confirmations and shipping notifications;
Processing and payment authorization.

    To learn more about this powerful and intuitive e-Purchasing solution, have one of SicommNet’s representatives contact you.