BASEC Implementation

SicommNet is privileged to have the experience of providing our solution starting with the early adopters of the internet, “Software as a Service”, hosted, eProcurement technology. Our implementations include The State of Maine, and The State of Hawaii as well as our current clients: The State of Idaho, The City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, Hawaii -Department of Education and Jefferson Parish. Our customers operate in both stand-alone as well as integrated environments deploying decentralized through highly centralized procurement authorities.

Our implementation practice, combines the skills and knowledge of Certified Public Sector Procurement professionals with personnel who have industry experience in Change Management; Benchmarking; Best Practices Management; Certified Project Management and Financial Management System, (ERP) Implementation. This implementation team is supported by our technical resources with the experience to make required modifications to the eProcurement system as well as integrate with any Financial Management system (ERP).

To ensure a successful eProcurement implementation, consider the following:

  • Gain support from the executive level of the agency.
  • Involve key players – a full implementation involves the following departments as well as the user departments: Accounts Payable, Auditing, Finance, IT, Legal, Procurement, Receiving, and Security.
  • Avoid modifications. The system is configurable and capable of meeting the agency’s legislative requirements. Customizations are fine but code modification at the agency level should be avoided. Let the SicommNet implementation team work with you to set up the service to meet your needs.
  • Use Change Management concepts.
  • Map your current processes – Identify the steps and processes currently in place from requisition to authorization for payment. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing environment and create a needs document as the blueprint solution.
  • Communicate for understanding and buy-in.
  • Demonstrate early success. Produce Short-term wins.
  • Measure and celebrate long term success.
  • Engage your supplier base. SicommNet vendor engagement team will assist you in developing and implementing a plan to prepare your vendors for eProcurement but also make them aware of the benefits they will have from the SicommNet service.