Project Management


SicommNet will assign a certified project manager who will utilize project management methodology, to deliver eProcurement services online in an efficient, organized and timely manner. To achieve a strong collaborative effort, the management approach will be structured to:

• Provide a single point of contact for overall delivery of the proposed eProcurement solution and integrations.

• Establish a direct line of communication between the SicommNet team and their agency counterparts for responsive customer service.

• Empower each level of the project organization with appropriate authorities and responsibilities to make decisions at the lowest levels to promote effective, operationally sound solutions.

• Centrally manage the overall SicommNet team’s relationship to promote responsiveness and minimize costs;

• Apply SicommNet’s project management best practices.

• Respond efficiently to fluctuating workloads to provide timely and appropriate resources.

Our project management approach provides the sound, comprehensive oversight required to effectively address project requirements. It is designed for the agencies to realize the economy-of-scale however, the project plan also has built-in flexibility to address each department’s and sub agencies’ unique differences and needs such as varying organizational structures (centralized-decentralized), disparate technology systems/financial management systems, different eProcurement visions and issues, and different statutory requirements overseeing eProcurement and funding approaches.

Our project management is designed with a phased implementation approach. This phased approach mitigates project risks and provides quick deployment for varying parts of eProcurement functionality. This allows agency to see benefits early in the implementation process.