Small/Medium Agency

SicommNet provides small and medium agencies optional eProcurement solutions which allow for a quick implementation of configurable procurement processes that replicate and streamline current practices. When needed customization can be attached to the BASEC solution to include variables such as Requisitioners and approval routes. Additionally, SicommNet offers website connectivity which affords agency procurement with openness and transparency.

Who should use our Small/Medium Agency Solution?

Public agencies who want to enhance or gain a competitive advantage

  1. Broaden strategic sourcing and enable more suppliers/medium agency
  2. Decentralized organizations who want to buy locally but manage budgets on an enterprise basis
  3. Automate procurement workflow and implement best practices
  4. Provide transparency throughout the entire eProcurement life cycle

Public agencies including municipalities, government agencies, and universities and colleges and any other organizations who want to standardize the procurement process

  1. Comply with accounting best practices
  2. Decentralized procurement organizations purchasing at multiple sites but requiring budget controls across the enterprise