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Who Uses SicommNet's e-Procurement Services and Solutions?
Public Agencies use SicommNet's BaSEC e-procurement solution to organize, automate and manage their entire procurement process. SicommNet's fully web based solution encompasses processes for electronic requisition, solicitation, bidder response, award, purchase order creation and distribution. e-Catalogs can be automatically created from agency term contracts. Each solution process supports the agency's predetermined workflow whether purchasing authority is centralized or decentralized. Additionally, Public Agencies can significantly increase their opportunity exposure by utilizing the MarketPlace's extensive vendor database and associated bid distribution capabilities. Agencies can use this solution to get their opportunity notifications out to hundreds of thousands of vendors, nation-wide and immediately decrease costs by increasing competition.
Vendors and Suppliers use SicommNet's MarketPlace system to reduce the time and effort required to search for public agency solicitations while increasing the number of business opportunities they receive. Vendors also improve their efficiency and productivity by electronically responding to Public Agency requests for quotations, bids and proposals.
Buyers in Small and Medium Businesses use SicommNet's MarketPlace system to find additional suppliers, or subcontractors, and to automate the procurement process by issuing electronic solicitations and electronic purchase orders to vendors of their choice.
Diversity Outreach Managers use SicommNet's MarketPlace system to identify and conduct business with female, minority, veteran or service disabled veteran owned businesses.  
Corporations and Large Businesses use SicommNet's MarketPlace as an outsource center, linking them to thousands of suppliers, subcontractors and diversity businesses.

Pursuant to recently enacted
Albuquerque Ordinance O-2013-018
all competitive bids or proposals
if the bid or proposal does not,
at the time of submission,
include a completed State Form PE-10-249.