RFP Evaluator/IDE

SicommNet recognizes that every agency is different in its evaluation processes for simple RFQs or more complex RFPs. The RFP Evaluator/Internal Distribution Evaluator (IDE) is designed with the necessary flexibility to accommodate a multitude of Agency variations needed for evaluation template development and comprehensive management of the complete RFP evaluation process to include when and where vendor cost may or may not made known to evaluators.

Our web-based evaluator enables evaluation committee members to log into the secure scoring system from any geographic location. It provides for evaluation groups to work on different sections of an RFP collaboratively or individually. Each RFP section can have its own scoring and weighting criteria and evaluators can input their scores, their analysis and upload all supporting documentation for their assigned evaluation segment.

During the evaluation process, the procurement buyer is able to monitor all evaluation progress to ensure it is being completed in a timely manner. Once the evaluations are complete, the buyer can generate a final tabulation sheet which can be posted, keeping transparency and the complete procurement audit trail intact.

The Internal Distribution Evaluator allows for an unlimited number evaluation templates to be developed which can be used anytime or customized whenever necessary. These evaluations can be done with or without pricing information being provided.


When a solicitation closes, the buyer is presented with a tabulation of the bids. Multiple variables are available including: Bid abstracts may include bids from multiple vendors on a single item, or on hundreds of items. It contains vendor’s comments and any attachments that are submitted. The abstract can also be downloaded to excel file for further analysis. Additional capabilities include the following:

  • Tabulation of pricing by line item and by total bid submission.
  • Sorting by applying local area preference factor and/or small business preference.
  • The abstract of “Awaiting Award” automatically becomes available for vendor viewing.
  • Complex RFP evaluation criteria facilitated by SicommNet’s RFP Internal Distribution Evaluator.