Vendor Management

SicommNet provides rich functionality to assist the agencies in managing and expanding their vendor/supplier base and to track and record the performance of their suppliers. The following identifies the functionality that is available to the agency:

Online Supplier Registration:

he registration form will capture the information your agency requires from vendors who register. Vendors select their product and service codes that define their line of business in order to receive bid opportunities that match their profile. Once registered, vendors may add or provide licenses and/or certifications to their profile which are viewable by requisitioners, buyers, and approvers.

Easy Online Access to Your Supplier Database:

All registered vendor are easily searchable from the secure agency main menu. The buyer has the ability to review the details within any vendor profile. The agency systems administrator has instant access to numerous reports regarding registered vendor information. The agency has access to DUNS reports and the history of all awards made to a vendor.

Supplier pre-qualification capability:

Ability to require vendors to upload their certifications either on each bid submission. The agency has the ability to access the vendor profile to view these certifications. Vendor pre-qualification capability – The buyer has the capability of viewing and comparing a vendor’s performance history while making the award decision.