About Us

Secure Internet Commerce Network Inc. (SicommNet) was founded in 1998 by a team including public sector procurement management; supply chain professionals and information technology trailblazers who developed and implemented online eProcurement systems for electronically automating and managing government agency buying and selling processes. SicommNet became the first United States based company to successfully provide public sector eProcurement application “Software as a Service” (SaaS) to State and local government municipalities and their respective vendor customers. Today this is referred to as “Running in the Cloud” secure hosted service.  

SicommNet provides an enterprise eProcurement software suite. Our eProcurement suite offers end-to-end eProcurement processes including requisition and solicitation creations, approvals, opportunity postings and notifications to registered vendors, vendor pre-bid conference announcements and pre-registration, addendum notifications, vendor question and answer periods, vendor electronic submission of response, sealed bid opening, bid tabulation and internal distribution evaluations, and electronic notifications of awards, followed by purchase orders, shipping notification, receipt, (and when integrated with the Agency Financial Accounting System) authorization for payment. Our additional eProcurement capabilities include iCatalog, contract tracking, ad hoc reporting, and spend analysis.

As a leader in the eProcurement industry, our cloud-based solutions are designed and built to meet the increasing procurement demands of public agencies by ensuring efficiency and spend management through automating, consolidating, and potentially centralizing procurement information and processes.

Our knowledgeable support and technical staff is dedicated to provide immediate response to agency and vendor inquiries, making recommendations for best eProcurement practices to ensure successful interaction occurs. Our eProcurement suite streamlines the entire procurement processes for Users by only using web browser and Internet access with no specialty software or hardware required. SicommNet’s comprehensive SaaS solution is built on usability, scalability, affordability, security, transparency and visibility for all end-users.

SicommNet’s registered vendor base consists of a large network of government vendors and suppliers as well as non-government providers offering needed products and services. This diverse database has provided our Agency partners with multiple opportunities of cost savings being provided with high quality needed vendor goods and services.