Solicitation Module

The Solicitation module is independently managed by the agency buyer for each specific commodity or service. The buyer has full authority over the following functionality and capabilities:

  • Type of solicitation (RFB, RFQ, RFP, and RFI).
  • Type of competition managed (open, price analysis, sole source, local area preference, certified vendor list, etc.).
  • Bidding process (closed bid, all or nothing itemized bid, reverse auction).

  • Response due date and required delivery date or service start and completion dates.
  • The field of vendors invited to participate in bidding.
  • Vendor pre-qualification requirements.
  • Terms and conditions, including Vendor mandatory agreement to terms and conditions documentation.
  • Pre-bid conference. (Optional or mandatory)
  • Amendments.
  • Vendor Question and Answer participation.
  • Bonding requirements, including capability to manage online verification of bond.
  • Bid submittal requirements.
  • Bid evaluation criteria.