B2B MarketPlace for the Private Sector


SicommNet’s MarketPlace is a fully automated e-procurement system that runs on the Internet. With the MarketPlace, you can create a solicitation, send it to the vendors you have selected, receive their responses, then issue the award on-line, all on-line! 

MarketPlace lets you reduce or eliminate duplication steps and paper waste in your purchasing process. In addition, at each step of the way, your electronic documents are always available should you need them, carry your business logo and are archived for your protection.

When you use the MarketPlace, you will save both time and money. You can up-load all of your existing vendors into a vendor database and also have access to the more than 65,000+ (and growing!) vendors already in our database. Only those vendors who meet your selected business criteria will receive your business opportunities.

If you wish, you can begin using the MarketPlace one step at a time. Like many of our clients, you will begin by issuing direct electronic purchase orders to your current suppliers. Before long, you will be expanding your use of the MarketPlace system as you see results in the following areas:

Reduce the paperwork and the cycle time to procure materials and services;
Save money by expanding the number of vendors competing for your business;
Lower your procurement costs by more than 20% by reducing the time expended on purchasing activity.

For as little as $1,495 per year, your business can have SicommNet’s MarketPlace help you create solicitations and generate purchase orders online. In addition, you have the added benefit of also receiving all of the capabilities the MarketPlace offers you as a vendor to public agencies.

Click below to register now and begin reaping the time and money saving benefits the MarketPlace has to offer you, or step through a few features of the MarketPlace system by viewing the B2B demo. You can also have a representative contact you with more detail.

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