Cooperative Purchasing

When agencies join forces to pool their purchasing power, they realize the cost-saving benefits and administrative savings. SicommNet’s SaaS application is 100% Internet-based, so agencies and organizations locally, regionally or nationwide can aggregate purchases together on one platform from any web-connected computer.

Cooperative purchasing saves money by using contracts that provide for volume driven cost reductions. By combining your purchasing needs in a SicommNet supported Co-op, you gain even more leverage to get the best prices and product values.

Certainly one of the challenges of cooperative purchasing is the ability to bridge the distance between the participating government entities. Recognizing the power of the Internet, suggests the use of an electronic catalog to allow shoppers (agencies) from any and all government entities throughout the state access to the blanket or indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery contracts.

Additional Benefits of SicommNet’s iCatalog:

  • Provides an easy to use online location where cooperatively bid commodities can be made available to shoppers throughout the state.
  • Eliminates the costs associated with “rogue” shopping and ensures the lowest cost option to shoppers throughout the state.
  • Easy access for participating government entities to login using a web browser and shop cooperative contracts bid within the co-op.
  • Multiple delivery/billing points. Each participating government entity can have an indefinite number of delivery and billing points preloaded into the system. Additionally shoppers can manually input a delivery point which can be flagged for later audit.
  • The ability to track the amount spent on specific goods purchased off the catalog and utilize this information for future budgeting. It also provides historical data which allows for leveraging that knowledge for future competitively bid solicitations and negotiating with vendors.
  • The iCatalog can be interfaced to an inventory management system(s) to allow shoppers the ability to purchase from your warehouse before buying from the cooperative contract.