Approval Module

The Approval workflow engine automates either simple or complex business processes, including budget confirmation commodity control and, audit and spend approvals. Instead of paper approvals getting misplaced or languishing on desks, approvals are automatically routed via email. The approval system integrates through with phones and other mobile devices for notifications and alerts, allowing users to approve or reject requisitions. The following additional capabilities are also available:

  • Approvals can be set up for either sequential or concurrent flow.
  • Approvals are set up at the option of the agency and at the point in workflow where approvals are required. Approvals can be singular or multi-tiered and integrated within the Requisition, Solicitation, and/or Award processes. Existing approval processes have optimum opportunity to become streamlined and increase efficiency. Approvals are available first, between the requisitioner and the buyer, second, between the buyer and releasing the solicitation to the internet, third, after the award or intent to award is created.
  • Buyers and managers are provided flexible approval options and remote access from any web capable browser, at any time they choose to do so.
  • Requisitioners and Buyers are immediately notified of approval or disapproval rationale.