The  iCatalog is designed and built specifically for the government purchasing processes of recurring multiple line items. The system incorporates high-level customizations for the specific nuances and requirements of government procurement such as multi-level workflow approvals, pre-encumbrance of funds and line item cost accountability.

The iCatalog is a modular system based on many proven e-commerce practices and methodologies, all incorporating the fundamental tenets of flexibility, easy customization, speedy implementation, scalability and most important, security. And unlike many other solutions offered today, products can be easily located, placed in a “shopping cart”, issued to a single or multiple vendor, and turned into a purchase order and released in a few easy steps.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) uses an Internet based electronic catalog of hosted or remotely accessed items. The iCatalog offers a limitless number of accounts, users, customers and dollar throughput. Best of all, the iCatalog is accessible to all authorized individuals inside or outside of government offices via capable Internet browsers on such devices as desktop or laptop computers, phones, and other electronic devices

The iCatalog functionality enables:

  • Fast, secure, accurate, and easy-to-use methods to create error free purchase orders.

  • Orders and purchases to be made with very little setup or training.

  • Unlimited web access via any modern internet browser.

  • Established integration points for exchanging documents with existing government systems and vendor back-end fulfillment and back-order processes.

  • Term Contracts can be made available for viewing and ordering by not only the host agency, but by all authorized public sector entities (counties, cities, towns, local municipalities, schools, etc.) through a centralized, master electronic catalog.

  • Approvals using an integrated workflow which is driven by a role based model that drives an e-mail messaging system.

  • Emails are sent to all involved parties, such as the approver or multiple approvers for approval and issuance of an order.

  • A user-friendly search capability with the ability to search by Commodity, Vendor Part Number, Vendor Name, etc.

  • The ability to load Account codes or Procurement Card information so that all transactions can be tied to authorized funding sources.

Our SicommNet hosted iCatalog will allow you to receive purchase orders and give you the ability to indicate the disposition of the order or back order, issue shipping notices, and receive documentation regarding returns and issues invoices.