Agency Bid and Response

SicommNet’s eProcurement software allows you to completely control your inclusion in solicitation bidding lists by selecting the agencies that you want to sell to and the commodity codes for the products and/or services that your company provides. As a vendor, you are responsible for the information update in your account profiles. It is vitally important that you periodically check your company profile to verify that the information is accurate and current.

How it Works

As a registered SicommNet vendor, you will receive bid notifications that match your products and/or services from the agencies that use the SicommNet service. These emailed opportunities contain requests for quotations, bids, proposals and information from, state, county, and city agencies. Similar notifications are also provided whenever an online opportunity is amended.

Solicitation packages include requirements documents, terms and conditions, and instructions as to the process to be followed for submitting your bid. You can include your existing vendors into a vendor database and have access to the more than 60,000 vendors currently in the SicommNet database.

All bid responses are stored on a lock-box secured server, and are not viewable by the agency until after the bid has closed. This means that you may revise or update your bid submission as many times as you like, prior to closing, and only your final bid will be viewed by the agency buyer. Each time you submit or update a bid, you receive on-screen and email confirmations.

Increase your Competitive Edge

After closing, you are given access to the abstract of all submissions for the bid (including yours). This abstract provides vital bid submission data that can increase your competitive edge for future solicitations. When awarded, a “Notification of Award” or Purchase Order is sent to you via email.

Your SicommNet eProcurement account allows all vendors an equal opportunity to access solicitations and compete for awards.